This morning, at Cervia City Hall, the Mayor Luca Coffari, the Councillor for Sports Gianni Grandu, the World Champion Stefano Mei, the “Correre” co-director Daniele Menarini and the Organizing Committee depicted the first Salt Eco-marathon edition, that will take place in Cervia on May 15th.
“We strongly believe in this event – began the Mayor Coffari – included in the month of May that we usually dedicate to sport. It will be a different way to involve a different audience in habitat emergencies, not forgetting the bond between Cervia and Ravenna. From here, we can devise a growing sport event combining tourist attraction and area promotion. ”
The Councillor Grandu highlights how much the “charity and supportive purposes combined with sport and fitness can help making unique an event based on territory peculiarities”, and the track-and-field champion Stefano Mei recognizes Cervia as one of the forefront reality in the sport-tourism union.

From May 13th to May 15th, Cervia natural tourist tendency and the environment rich of unique natural features, such as salt marshes and pine forests, will flock in the first Salt Eco-marathon edition. An event that goes beyond sport in order to recount the identity of a territory that mixes ancient cultures like the rural, maritime and the salt pans one.
The Eco-marathon is just the tip of the iceberg of a very rich program that will reach all the salt places – specialty food included – and different tourist-sport activities, and is organised by Eco Sale & Sports, an association gathering different high level sport operators such as Trail Romagna, Consulta dello Sport di Cervia and Sportur Travel, in close partnership with Cervia Municipality.

Among the collaborations that enhance the appeal of the event: Salina di Cervia, Terme di Cervia, Fantini Club, Parco del Delta del Po, Atlantide, Nordic Walking Ravenna, Slowsports Milano Marittima and Team Bike Ponte Nuovo.
Not only healthy active fun, but also charity: some of the profits of the event, supported by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Ravenna and Credito Cooperativo Romagnolo – BCC di Cesena and Gatteo, will destined to AIL’s care and assistance projects (Italian Association against Leukaemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma – of Ravenna.)

Since this very first edition, the Salt eco-marathon can be proud of being part of the UISP eco-marathon circuit, that includes the most important nature races of the national territory, including the very popular Chianti Eco-marathon.
The common denominator of this kind of events is the trail running philosophy, a passion coming from the pleasure of running within pure spaces. A trend in exponential growth (plus 70% in the past year) that promotes a natural rhythms lifestyle, an improvement of the relationship with the environment and a deeper understanding of the territory culture. In this particular case it means to discover the Salt Roads in order to walk them in respect and loving memory of the men who create them and their labour.
In addition to the 42 km path, other courses will enhance the Salt Eco-marathon such as a half-eco-marathon, a 11 km race and a bran new competition as the Run and Bike of 25 km.
A set up piazza Costa, a salt place among warehouses, the port channel and the tower, will be the starting point and the destination of all courses except for the Run and Bike that collecting the legacy of the “Ravenna – Milano Marittima off road”, will start at Sant’Apollinare in Classe travelling the bike path Ravenna-Cervia.
We’ll pass through the best area’s landscapes: from the salt pans’ banks, surrounded by sparkling forming crystals and colourful birds (including pink flamingos), to the Savio River coves; from the ancient pine forests of Classe and Cervia to Cervia and Milano Marittima channels, all included in the most southern part of the Parco del Delta del Po.

A large space will be dedicated to the Walk with fit and Nordic walking sessions, with tasty tours or ending with SPA having DJ Set entertainment… moreover: walks at sunset, urban trekking, conferences and dinners will offer activities for everyone so that all of athletes and partners can find the most appropriate event matching their habits.

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